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   Welcome to Mazarack !

It was, in ancient times, a fishermen house near a little port of the lagoon in the inner faiway from Caorle to Bibione, positioned to defend against sea winds and freezing temperature of winter.

In 1977 Mario Conte turned it into the Masarack, a tavern with hot dishes mainly based on fish. Simple dishes, healthy and tasty, typical of fishermen, the same dishes today proposed by Rudy and Denis continuing activity with passion and enthusiasm: sardines, cod, cuttlefish and stewed eel, mixed fried and grilled fishes, all served with yellow roasted polenta and white or red wine from Lison –Pramaggiore.

The family management makes the atmosphere friendly, cheerful, lively and carefree, unconventional and cozy: in the kitchen mom Flavia coordinates all the operations, dad Riccardo cares purchases and entertains guests, Rudy and Denis helped by a young and efficient staff, accommodate and serve people in the large terrace.

The success of Mazarack is home cooking, good food sea tradition using the catch of the day, genuine dishes whose ingredients flavours used for cooking you may really feel.

It’s a friendly meeting place, an opportunity to spend some time eating well and having fun, pleasant home coterie not to forget. And it’s no small matter in a society that tends to flatten everything.




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